Re: Announcement of the Journal of Political Ecology

Josiah McC. Heyman (jmheyman@MTU.EDU)
Mon, 13 Dec 1993 12:15:36 LCL

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James B. Greenberg, editor of the new Journal of Political Ecology,
sent me the announcement of this new journal. I am glad to forward
this announcement to you, on his request.

Journal of Political Ecology
Case Studies in History and the Social Sciences

Invites Submissions

The Journal of Political Ecology is intended to fill a gap
in the social sciences by bringing together researchers from many
disciplines with a common interest in links between political and
economic systems, on the one hand, and local populations and
ecosystems, on the other. We hope to promote interdisciplinary
dialogue and research on the interface between political economy
and ecology. The journal will be free to readers and libraries
world-wide via Internet. JPE will be available in two versions;
an on-line and searchable extended ASCII version, and a
professionally formatted version incorporating graphics in the
text, available through Internet by connecting to the University
of Arizona's library or gopher server (see below). JPE will
incorporate graphics, typeset mathematical expressions, tables,
and footnotes with output comparable to that of typeset journals.
JPE will publish submissions in English, French, or Spanish (with
article abstracts in all three languages). Authors and PESO
members may obtain professionally formatted paper "reprints" of
publications at cost from JPE.
JPE will publish peer reviewed articles and research reports
incrementally as part of an annual volume. JPE will also accept
for publication book reviews and research abstracts. These will
be posted on the JPE forum during the year and appended to the
annual volume in December. Articles should make an original
theoretical contribution and contain substantive case study
materials. Submissions will be considered in the research report
category if they contain significant findings from case studies.
We will publish short abstracts of on-going research relevant to
the key themes of the journal. The JPE menu will also provide
access to a moderated free public Forum in which interested
people may comment on JPE articles and issues of relevance to
political ecology, read new posted materials or post significant
bibliographies, databases or political ecology news. Readers
are encouraged to join PESO (the Political Ecology SOciety, a
society formed to support JPE whose monies are deposited in a
University of Arizona account) which will provide a variety of
services and benefits.
Articles received may, at the option of the author, be posted
electronically for comment until JPE receives the final version
or rejects the article. Authors may respond to readers' comments
in the final versions of their articles. The editors' policy is
to have a response to the author within three months of
submission and to publish accepted materials within three months
of acceptance. On publication, significant comments will be
appended to the article.
The journal will be a publication of the Bureau of Applied
Research in Anthropology, University of Arizona and guided by a
board of prominent scholars from a variety of disciplines.
Enquiries may be made to the co-editors in hard copy or
electronic form:

Dr.James Greenberg, B.A.R.A., University of Arizona, Tucson,
Arizona 85721 (

Dr.Thomas Park, Department of Anthropology, University of
Arizona, Tucson, Arizona 85721 (E-mail:

Full information for authors and readers is available
on-line (telnet

To login, type 'sabio'

(in lowercase). At SABIO's main menu choose: Other databases and
remote libraries/ Internet Gopher/Resources by discipline /Social
Sciences / Journal of political ecology. Readers may also find
information on the current route by doing a title search for the
Journal of Political Ecology. Other modes of access such as
Anonymous FTP, Gopher clients are described in detail in JPE's
menu: Instructions on Accessing JPE and PESO.

Please note, I have a new e-mail address:

***** JMHEYMAN@MTU.EDU *****

Josiah McC. Heyman Phone: (906)487-2116
Dept. of Social Sciences Fax: (906)487-2468
Michigan Technological Univ.
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