Re: errors, errors!

Brad M Biglow (bmb@SUNSET.CSE.NAU.EDU)
Sun, 12 Dec 1993 23:05:09 -0700

} Subject: Re: errors, errors!
} To: Brad M Biglow <bmb@SUNSET.CSE.NAU.EDU>
} In-Reply-To: <9312122001.AA07242@nis.CalState.EDU>
} I'm not getting that error, but I am getting multiple copies of each and
} every message. How do I delete one? I want to keep just one message
} base. Sometimes the computer is whacko
} Eva Armstrong
} RSC InternetNut
}-- End of excerpt from Eva

I have a further "thingie" to bring up.... Does anyone not receive
a copy of what they send to ANTHRO-L unless they 'cc' it to themselves? I
have had this difficulty since I first subscribed. I get an "output of your
job" message, but none of hte text I sent is there...

Where are you D. Foss? We miss your "thingies"!!! ;-)

Brad M. Biglow