What can Anthropologists do? (Was Re: Mob Scenes)

Sat, 11 Dec 1993 14:07:57 -0400

With financial and health problems (a terrible episode of asthma and
chronic bronchitis) clouding my mind on what direction to go and why,
Steve Maack <steve_maack@QMBRIDGE.CALSTATE.EDU has reminded me of
one of the reasons I applied to Ph.D. programs in anthropology.

Thank you Steve.

From: Steve Maack <steve_maack@QMBRIDGE.CALSTATE.EDU>

... being involved with organizational change in K-12 schools
(lots of potential there for organizational change experts, community /
neighborhood oriented anthropologists, those who apply anthro to better
K-12 classroom teaching), ...

This is pretty much why I did an M.S. in education.

... John Van Willigen's "The Uses of Anthropology"
(2nd edition), an annotated bibliography showing how anthropologists have
applied anthro over the years, in Van Willigen's "Applied Anthropology," or
Erve Chambers book of the same name. ...
... the brand new video
on applied anthro careers from NAPA ...

I will certainly take a look at these.

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