Hey folks...

Fri, 10 Dec 1993 10:24:46 EST

Just a few minor things-
1. For the record, I was neither bashing nor supporting pomo, just pointing
out that maybe there's room for both pomo & positivo approaches.
2. Let's keep political correctness out of this, shall we? Using
dimunitives is a good way to keep academic mouthfuls down to manageable
size. As far as PC goes, don't get me going. I've had just about all the
PC I can take.
Those freakin' PC types think they can bring their brand of thought
control and .... whoa, I almost got going. Gotta watch it there.
3. Hey, I'm merely taking advantage of the features of this medium. If
anybody wants to know my real name, they can just ask me. I don't see why
real names are pertinent to "scholarly discussion." As Vernor Vinge points
out in his book, the true name of someone gives you power over that
person. So I'm selective in who I give that power to.
Or you could just read the header... ;-)
4. I didn't dodge anybody's questions, I'm just heading now for a ringside
seat where I can watch the tumult I created ensue. Now I'm playing
spectator so I can watch this pomo business play out.
My plan all along, heh heh heh... type on!
5. It's going to be a while before I'm looking for an assistant
professor's job... a long time (hint hint)... still wanna interview me,
Dan J.?