Some musings ('nuff pomo, sorry I started it.)

Thu, 9 Dec 1993 17:10:12 EST

Ok folks,
I give up on pomo, hyperreality, and shark tanks, now I wanna ramble
about some other things. Some of which have to do with the above, I guess.
"I'm just livin' in a Bakhtin wonderland..."
1. Fields which are too crowded besides anthropology:
Law (kill the lawyers!)
Economics (two economists in a room = three opinions)d
Advertising ('nuff said)
Politics (federal jobs just overtook the private sector)
Pop Music (any field which allows Menudo to prosper deserves
The Talk Show Industry (the Sally Jesse Jackson Rivera Reagan Chase
ad nauseam show)
Therapy (seems to me the self-help section in my local bookstore
just exploded to about fifteen shelves)...
If we can just take all their resources, anthro will be doing just fine!
2. Anthropology is too low-tech. Yeah, this is a pet peeve of mine, I
have seen a lot of anthropologists have this kind of knee-jerk Ludditeism
about technology. (But wait, wasn't I just complaining about it?) One way
we can become more 'scientific' is to bring more technology with us into
the field - personal data organizers, lapbook computers, SQUIDs (super
conducting quantum inteference detectors, for the layman, for measuring
ASCs), shortwave radios, those nifty Global Position System gizmos, voice-
activated digital tape recorders, videocams, portable sattelite dishes, etc.,
etc, and we should hit the funding agencies for as much tech as we can
possibly take into the field... then we'll see some really hot shit
happening in anthropology...
Seeker1, while not an AI, is a cyberpunk... and fortunately doesn't
really give a crap about the job market for the moment...
Oh yeah, he likes epistemology but thinks pomo gives really facile
answers sometimes to epistemological problems...