Lesbian/Gay rights at Apple--Call for letters (fwd)

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Subject: Lesbian/Gay rights at Apple--Call for letters (fwd)

I thought you might want to respond to this. Leslie

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Dear friends,
I am sending you this because I think that it is important. Please read
this message and decide whether you think that your contribution
can make a difference. Then ACT!

Apple Computer is under a well organized phone-fax-mail attack by the
Religious Right, demanding that Apple Computer drop its pro-human rights
policy of non-discrimination against lesbian and gay employees. Basically,
far right groups including religous fundamentalists are pressuring the
company to "see the light" and discrimate. Right now there are about 500
callers in opposition to every 1 in support of current policies.

Let's change this.

Blitz murphy.s@applelink.apple.com

and say that you support the company's non-discrimination policy, which
includes sexual orientation and benefits for partners of lesbian and gay
employees. Thanks, and PLEASE forward this to anyone you know who might
support this cause.

P.S. If you don't have the time to write something, copy this and send it
out, and maybe add something about how you own a mac, or are mac dependant
(you know you are!):


I strongly support your current non-discrimination policy, especially with
regards to lesbian and gay employees, as well as benefits for partners of
those employees. I also would like to recognize Apple's brave role as a
pioneer in the search for equal opportunity, and hope that more companies
will follow and not be pressure by the far right to discriminate against
people based on who they are. With my sincerest thanks and hopes that you
will recieve more support for your actions.