majors and college selection

Wed, 8 Dec 1993 16:28:11 -0500

To any interested and informed readers on the subject of college

My daughter is beginning the consideration of a college and a major.
Her topic of interest as
she states it is paleo-cultural anthoropology. My question is how does
one identify a college that will offer her a good exposure to the
subject and what is the significance of her under-graduate selection
if she plans on going to grad school afterwards.

I realize her interests may change substantially between now and grad
school or even throughout the course under-graduate education. I am
left pondering the two above uuestions however, wondering how much
effort is necessary and how one goes about clarifying various
subtleties of programs.

You may have guessed it, I am not an anthropologist.

Any help or direction or resources will be appreciated.

John Rich
Director, Career Services
UMass Dartmouth