Re: Postmodernism

wilkr (wilkr@INDIANA.EDU)
Wed, 8 Dec 1993 10:22:15 -0400

I have a letter here asking for assistance - I can't help, bout thought
someone on anthro-l would be able to. I copy verbatim:

Dear Professor Wilk,

I am a social anthropologist and I am interested in finding a definition
of "effectiveness" that would be common to all disciplines which use
that concept. I would be grateful if you could kindly give me the name
of a scholar in applied anthropology who, you think, may have related
interests, so that I may write him (sic) and exchange ideas on the best
way to approach this result.

Giorgio Ausenda
P.O. Box 5
6822 Arogno

If you have any suggestions, you could snail mail them directly to him -
this would be faster and lessen the finals-grading-time burden.

Rick Wilk