Re: Colonial Resistence

Daniel A Ponech (dapst26+@PITT.EDU)
Sat, 4 Dec 1993 19:28:49 -0500

On Sat, 4 Dec 1993, Michael Bauser wrote:

> Now that looks to me like there are many canadians who want to know
> more about the trial, even in defiance of the canadian constitutional
> values of peace and order.

> Canadians HAVE expressed a desire to know more about the trial, and
> journalists have customarily seen themselves as providing "important"
> (i.e. desired) information to the "man on the street"--they probably
> didn't even think about the U.S./Canadian perspective until they got in
> trouble with the canadian government.
> There seem to be an awful lot of canadians who feel they do deserve to
> know more about the trial than the government thinks. Maybe this is

The deal is, though, that everyone will get to know everything about the
trial AFTER it is over. It's a black out, not a coverup in the same way
that sporting events are blacked out but you can see everything afterwards.

It's more than a concern with cultural osmosis (sp?). I'd like to know
why the U.S. media is soooo interested in this case. Is it just because
they've been told they "can't go here"? Do they feel they have a
holy quest to fulfil, ie. bring American style media coverage to the world
thereby liberating it from the oppression of governments and whatever all
else? Is the defendent a suspect in killings in the U.S.?

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