Re: Postmodern Anthropology

Kathleen G Williamson (kgw@GAS.UUG.ARIZONA.EDU)
Fri, 3 Dec 1993 23:56:26 -0700

I purposely employ bait-words like 'truth' "vision' reality" because I like to
think post-mod is not a literally "blinding" dead end as a
result of
what Sue Philips calls "rampant relativism", but rather a revolution in
sight, an enabler to see multiperspectivally and rythmically, this
necessarily mean that "truth" or "reality" and post-mod are mutually
exclusive. anyway, post-mod still hasn't been hammered out yet, we're
still experimenting with those hipster multi-focals aren't we? (out with
the bi-focals!) I think
your offering and interpretation of Habermas supports my
that the positos (positivists) and the Postmos will have to learn to
like each other, recognize their inescapable codependence, in order to
"see" better.
I know little about the "Bayesian" stats, and would like to hear from one
who has some experience with that method.
(PS -when do we get a decent word processor with this outfit?)