Help File

Thu, 2 Dec 1993 16:33:27 EST

Here, for everyone's enlightenment, are a number of commands which you
may find periodically useful. All these commands may be sent to any
listerver, although it is best to send them direct to LISTSERV@UBVM.
Occasionaly, due to the periodic updates that computer systems undergo,
you may find that you can no longer communicate with the listserver as
it does not recognise your userid. In these cases, or in the case of
any other problems, or suggestions for other information which might be
added to this posting, please contact me at ANTOWNER@UBVM.

GET ANTHRO-L LOGxxx This tells the listserver to send you one of
the archive files (see INDEX ANTHRO-L below).

INDEX ANTHRO-L This brings you a list of the archive files.
The listserver only saves the last few three
months of postings, however. Retrieve the
files by sending mail with GET LOG-xxx to
LISTSERV@UBVM, or by using FTP.

INFO This will get you information on help files
available about using LISTSERV.

LIST GLOBAL This will get you a very big file (>2800 lines)
including all existing, publicly available lists
" " /xxx This allows you to search for a keyword string,
xxx, and get an output only of those lists with
that string in their name or description. Eg.
/ANTH gets four list names, including ANTHRO-L.

POSTMASTER@xxx This is the person to send messages to should
you have any troubles getting or sending messages.
xxx can be any node. However, if you get a message
like, "your command not processed as you are not
subscribed to Anthro-l...", it means your address
differs from the one the listserver read when you
first subscribed to Anthro-l. In this case, send
me a message.

REVIEW ANTHRO-L This brings you the subscription list.
" " BY COUNTRY This brings the list ordered by subscriber
country of origin.
" " BY NAME This brings the list alphabetised by username.
" " BY NODE This brings the list ordered by subscriber node.
" " BY USERID This brings the list alphabetised by userid.

SET ANTHRO-L MAIL This restores the default setting for regular mail
" " NOMAIL This temporarily stops mail being delivered to you
" " DIGest This brings you the digest version of Anthro-l, as
one big mail item, containing a directory and all
the mail for that day
" " INDex This gets you ONLY the original sender's name and
address, plus the subject, length, time and date of
each message posted. Great time saver but requires
accessing the archives to get the message body.

STATS ANTHRO-L This gets a file with the publication statistics
for all subscribers to the list.

SUB ANTHRO-L xx yy Subscribes you to Anthro-l, xx yy being your name.
Should your address change, sending this command
after UNSUB will reset to your new address.
UNSUB ANTHRO-L Same as SIGNOFF. Removes you from the list.

From: "Steve Maack" <>

Caution for QuickMail on Macintosh users: Listservers try to read any
text, funny sayings, dates, or numbers on QuickMail forms as though those
were listserver commands. Since they are almost surely not such commands,
the listserver will not understand, may quit reading the script and send
back cryptic error messages. You can finesse around this problem by using
a form with no text on it (pictures are okay), and deleting any time or
date stamp which automatically appears on the form when it is opened. The
commands to the listserver may then be placed either in the subject box
or in the message portion of the form.