Re: The use of Anthropologists' names?

Thu, 2 Dec 1993 10:46:27 CST

Tylor, Spencer, and Morgan,I have heard--even used--the adjectives
"Tylorian" ("Tylorean"?) and "Spencerian," but never "Morganian." As
for our own century's greatest cultural evolutionists, "Whitean" I may
have used a time or two but not, I think, "Stewardian"; my own efforts I
consider much more "Carneirian" than Whitean (notwithstanding the fact
that Carneiro is White's true--and most distinguished--follower).
Incidentally, despite their huge personal influence, little occasion
seems to arise to use "Benedictine" or "Meadian"--the latter would be
taken, I think, to mean of or pertaining not to Margaret but to
sociologist George Herbert. --Bob Graber