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Besides recommending the Gmelch article already mentioned, two other articles
come to mind. Murdock's is interesting, but not a major work. Fox, on the
other hand, is arguing that, Ruth Benedict and "Apollonian" personalities
nothwithstanding, a non-traditional activity like baseball was exempted from
Pueblo norms on restraint and suppression of expression of emotion, so much
so that the contrast was very great. (When they yelled "kill the umpire!",
it was not idle rhetoric.)

George Peter Murdock, "Waging Baseball on Truk." Orig. pub. in NEWSWEEK
39(9):69-70 in 1948. Reprinted in:
Murdock, George Peter, 1897-
Title: Culture and society, twenty-four essays. Foreword
by Alexander Spoehr.
Imprint: [Pittsburgh] University of Pittsburgh Press [1965]
[Dartmouth call no.]: GN/400/M78

Robin Fox
wrote "Pueblo Baseball: A New Use for Old Witchcraft" in JOURNAL OF
AMERICAN FOLKLORE 74 (291) in (I think--my handwriting's awful) 1961. It's
reprinted in his ENCOUNTER WITH ANTHROPOLOGY and also in the 1975 ed. of
HUMAN EXPERIENCE (which I think is a reader ed. by James Spradley and/or
David McCurdy, back when they did a book every week or so.) Also reprinted
in the following collection:

Title: Play, games, and sports in cultural contexts / edited by Janet C.
Harris, Roberta J. Park.
Imprint: Champaign, Ill. : Human Kinetics Publishers, c1983.
[Dartmouth call no.]: GV/706.5/P58/1983
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