baseball, soccer, etc.

Wed, 1 Dec 1993 14:02:08 CST

There is a huge literature on these things, much of it coming out of Phys. Ed
programs at major universities, especially those with Ph. D. programs (like
Univ. of Washington, Indiana Univ., etc..) There are books and journals on
sport, and a university library search and a few phone calls should net you
plenty of sources. For anthropological approaches, a major source of
information is The Association for the Anthropological Study of Play (TAASP).
They publish annual proceedings of their meetings, each with a different
editor and title. To get a list of these, write to

The Leisure Press
P. O. Box 3
West Point, N. Y. 10966.

You should be able to find a notice of the next scheduled meeting in the
AAA Newsletter, and that should list a contact person who can give you info
about the organization, who specializes in what, etc.. Hope this helps.

Mike Lieber