Re: FWD:Ky censors evolution (no big bang for THEIR buck)

Chuck Coker (cjcoker@CRIS.COM)
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 21:26:01 -0700

John Cole. wrote:
> No Big Bang for KY tax bucks!

> Gluing the pages together "was the only fair way to do it," Wyatt said. "There
> should have been an opportunity that all thoughts be presented."

So I can safely assume that Superintendent Kenneth Shadowen is going to have
the children taught that man was created on Spirit Mountain, migrated to
Merriwittica Canyon, and then spread out from there. (Hualapai Creation

This story is just as good as the Genesis story, isn't it? Actually, I think
it is better. I have been to Spirit Mountain and Merriwittica Canyon, but
no one has ever been able to tell me where the Garden of Eden *was located*,
much less have visited it. Of course, I am not a member of a Judeo-Christian
religion, so maybe I am biased.

Chuck Coker

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