The Sociological Review

Tue, 27 Aug 1996 11:10:00 GMT

We have a journal which may be of interest to members of this list:


Long established, current and topical, THE SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW provides
comprehensive coverage of all areas of sociology, social anthropology and
cognate subjects such as cultural and women s studies, social policy, law,
industrial relations and economics.

The 1996 volume of THE SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW includes articles such as:

Inside knowledge, second order measures of skill - Trevor Pinch, H. M.
Collins and Larry Carbone
What about the boys? : Schooling, class and crisis masculinity - Mairtin
Mac an Ghaill
Working on the front-line: risk culture and nursing in the new NHS - Ellen
Fetishism and the social value of objects - Tim Dant
It s good to talk : The focus group and the sociological imagination - Alan
Constructing womens psychological health in anti-abortion rhetoric - Nick
Hopkins, Steve Reicher and Jannat Saleem

THE SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW also publishes a special monograph series covering
key concepts and processes. The 1996 Monograph is called Consumption
Matters and previous Monographs have included Gender and Bureaucracy, The
Sociology of Death and Contextualising Caste.

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