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Mark Shutes (FR191601@YSUB.BITNET)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 19:52:33 EDT

I just received this note from an archaeologist Nick Kardulias concerning
world systems theory. Thought I would pass it on.
Mark Shutes

- - The original note follows - -

Dear Mark,
Below is the material Chris Chase-Dunn just sent me about
our thematic section in his journal. His initial blurb can probably
be introduced by saying something like: "Prof. Chistopher Chase-Dunn
(Johns Hopkins University), editor of the Journal of World-Systems
Research, announces the "publication" of a thematic section of interest
to anthropologists".
Thanks again.

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here is copy for the announcement and table of contents of the special
thematic section of jwsr. you may want to change this. go ahead.

Volume 2 of the _Journal of World-Systems Research_ now contains a new
special thematic section on anthropology and the world-system.
This section was edited by Nick Kardulias of Kenyon College. It contains
an introduction by Nick and eleven articles by ethnographers and
archaeologists about their use of world-systems concepts. Also included
is a witty commentary on the articles by Darrell La Lone. I will post
the table of contents separately.
You can retrieve any of these you want from

Special Thematic Section on Anthropology and World-Systems

Number 3 P. Nick Kardulias
Introduction to the Thematic Section

Number 4 Thomas D. Hall
World-Systems and Evolution: An Appraisal

Number 5 Mark T. Shutes
Tailored Research: On Getting the Right Fit Between Macro-Level
Theory and Micro-Level Data

Number 6 Peter N. Peregrine
Legitimation Crises in Premodern Worlds

Number 7 Gary M. Feinman
The Changing Structure of Macroregional Mesoamerica: With Focus on
the Classic-Postclassic Transition in the Valley of Oaxaca

Number 8 Rani T. Alexander
The Emerging World System and Colonial Yucutan: The Archaeology of
Core-Periphery Integration, 1780-1847

Number 9 Lawrence A. Kuznar
Periphery/Core Relations in the Inca Empire: Carrots and Sticks in
an Andean World System

Number 10 Robert J. Jeske
World Systems Theory, Core Periphery Interactions and Elite Economic
Exchange in Mississippian Societies

Number 11 P. Nick Kardulias
Multiple Levels in the Aegean Bronze Age World-System

Number 12 Ian Morris
Negotiated Peripherality in Iron Age Greece

Number 13 Peter S. Wells
Production within and beyond Imperial Boundaries: Goods, Exchange,
and Power in Roman Europe

Number 14 Darrell La Lone
Commentary on "Leadership, Production, and Exchange: An Evaluation
of World-Systems Theory in a Global Context"
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