the salaciousness of anthropology

Danny Yee (danny@STAFF.CS.USYD.EDU.AU)
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 20:02:39 +1000

I've wondered why the anthropology archives I maintain (for this list
and the two Usenet newsgroups) are so popular. I've just changed to a
Web server that allows me to log the referring pages, and the mystery is
solved -- just look at these examples of how people find pages in the
archives! (These are taken from the last 36 hours of operation; there
are a lot more in the same vein.)

----------------------------------------------------------------------- ->
/danny/anthropology/anthro-l/archive/may-1994/0058.html ->
/danny/anthropology/sci.anthropology.paleo/archive/october-1995/0873.html ->
/danny/anthropology/sci.anthropology.paleo/archive/october-1995/0948.html ->
/danny/anthropology/sci.anthropology.paleo/archive/may-1995/0257.html ->
/danny/anthropology/anthro-l/archive/january-1995/0258.html ->
/danny/anthropology/sci.anthropology.paleo/archive/may-1995/0226.html ->
/danny/anthropology/sci.anthropology.paleo/archive/september-1995/0354.html ->
/danny/anthropology/sci.anthropology/archive/july-1995/0221.html ->

We should just be thankful the CDA was struck down, or this list would
probably have been one of the first things banned!

(There are also lots of people searching for things like flink knapping,
cultural relativism, infibulation, and other such terms, of course.)