Re: Definitions of culture

Ronald Kephart (rkephart@OSPREY.UNF.EDU)
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 10:27:09 -0400

In message <> writes:

> My original point was that we should not fall for
> monocausal definitions of humans and culture. We have to consider, you'll
> pardon the terms, both the etics and the emics! A lot of cultural anthro has
> tried to denigrate the etic details, the human biology, the behavior, the
> artifacts....looking only (or largely) at "ideas" or even "ideals"---and in
> the process there has also been an oversimplification of OTHER animals, as
> well. The tapestry is richer and more interesting when we realize as Darwin
> did there is majesty and clarity afforded by "this view of life, all melted
> together."

Nicely put!

Ronald Kephart
University of North Florida