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A home page dedicated to architectural anthropology, habitat research,
and the habitat theory of culture is up and running. It contains many
reports, informations about events and literature focussed on this new
type of research .

Note that 'architectural anthropology' is based on O. F. Bollnow's
anthropology of space and thus is pluridisciplinary and pluricultural,
past and present. It relates to the full spectrum of anthropology.


* Philosophy: -> anthropology of cognition; -> Bollnow's anthropology of
space; -> Disaster Scenario;
* Art, architecture: ->The origins of architectural research; ->
Architectural anthropology; -> struggle about Bruno Taut; ->
Anthrop-Arch, -> Anthrop Art;
* Religion: -> Agrarian cults in Japan; -> Book Review (Numen);
* Japanology: -> Japanese village-Shinto; -> Book Review (Numen);
* Indology: -> Sacred Topography Survey Program;
* Archaeology, prehistory: -> Humanities critical
* Ethnology: -> Settlement core complex;
* Semiotics: -> Evolutionary semiotics;
* Social anthropology, Habitat anthropology: -> Settlement Core Complex;
* Architectural primatology: -> Nestbuilding of the higher apes.

The URL for this home page is: