gisela bulanikian (bgigi@DATAMARKETS.COM.AR)
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 16:28:37 GMT

continue with
with the traditions that they brought themselves to America when they know
perfectly well that they are not going to return because thy just
doN't wanna.
How come that people all over the world believe in nations, wherever
they are,
people always end up divided by the concept of nations.

Also I would like to ask you why when you talk about ethnicities or ethnies it
seems to give them a level of living entities. Where the people goes then?

At the end I would love to receive a copy of your work of Mohawk nationalism.

P.S. What about the cinema in creating a strong concept of national

Gisela Bulanikian
Pedro I. Rivera 3804 (1430) Buenos Aires Argentina