Re: primordial groups competing

thomas w kavanagh (tkavanag@INDIANA.EDU)
Mon, 5 Aug 1996 19:58:51 -0500

If we are talking about games etc., as "displacement" activities-- as in
displacing personal aggression, ok, I suppose.

One other very common way to deal with such intra group problems is just to
move away. The result is that [yes, they are our kin over there, but we
only see them once a year (at initiation, at Christmas) so you can suffer
through this short time with them, ok...] that the 'group' that was once
together is scattered, a new 'group[s]' has[have] come together.

On Tue, 6 Aug 1996, Julian O'Dea wrote:

> It had occurred to me that intra-group tension will always have been a
> problem among humans and that some cultural behaviour may have had its
> genesis in tension-releasing "displacement" activities, perhaps of a
> typical primate type (jumping around, throwing things aimlessly, smearing
> material). Perhaps these displacement activities developed into art,
> sport, games, dancing.

And I was over-reacting, as I often do on these things, [:-(] to the
implications of "group-ness," to the potentials of reading back on primate
ethology of the political theories of the necessities of continuing
"group-ness," "ethnic collectivity," etc.