Re: Black superiority in running

Timothy Mason (mason@CIE.FR)
Sat, 3 Aug 1996 18:37:29 -0500

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Julian O'Dea says

>I would hazard a guess that it may be partly because the body type favoured
by the African climate, >tall and slender, is ideal for a runner - at least
over a short distance.

>The body type favoured by colder climates (tall maybe, but also heavy and
broad) is less conducive.

>If I am correct then Australian Aborigines should perform well too (eg.
Cathy Freeman, recent silver >medallist in 400 metres).

Why has evolution favoured Asiatics with the supple wrist that makes them so
good at badminton and ping-pong? And why are American blacks - who are all
*partly* white - jolly good sprinters? Oh - and why are the Brits so good at
inventing sports, but no good at all at winning?

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Timothy Mason