Thu, 1 Aug 1996 16:28:00 GMT

We have a journal which may be of interest to subscribers of this list:

the most authoritative, highly cited and widely circulated journal in
economic history

THE ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW is published on behalf of the Economic History
Society and is ranked first in History of Social Science journals in the
Social Science Citation listings. Publishing clear and authoritative
articles, it covers the whole range of economic and social history,
including anthropological, political and intellectual.

Each issue of THE ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW contains a range of articles that
tackle problems in economic and social history in a broad and stimulating
way. Articles to be included in the 1996 issue include:

? Migration as a strategy -D. Siddle
? A good time to Wed? Marriage and economic distress in England and Wales,
1839-1914 - H. Southall and D. Gilbert
? Emigration behaviour and marriage break up in mid Victorian England -
Olive Andersen

Each volume of THE ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW also contains a critical survey
of all journals articles on British economic and social history, plus a list
of all books on the subject and a review of IT applications in history.

If anyone would like more information on THE ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW and a
FREE sample copy, they should send an email (quoting ANTHRO-L) to Please include YOUR FULL NAME &