Ruby Rohrlich (rohrlich@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU)
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 20:59:14 -0400

If you would really like to remain on this list, why don't you abstain
from insulting people, so many people whom we know not to be as you paint
them. There are some good discussions going on, even including the
misfortunes of native peoples. Do reconsider your tactics. Ruby Rohrlich

On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, Robert Johnson wrote:

> Mike Salovesh is afraid I'll bring up more issues concerning
> anthropology's imperialism against the indigenous peoples of
> Mexico.
> As to his commentary on my statement about C.U., he knows about
> as much about that situation as he seems about any other.
> Let's see what Mike really knows...
> In the context of what you think you know, tell us Mike..
> Why does Robert Johnson "get away" with what he says about
> Dean Charles Middleton, Dr. Payson Sheets, Dr Ayad, and
> Barbara Vorhees-Chairwoman of C.U. department of Anthropology..
> Could it be because what I say is the TRUTH?
> Come on, tell us Mick, do you really know what the hell you're
> talking about?
> Or are you going to dodge the question like the Sissy I
> know you to be?
> I think in this context, Mike is a grandstanding bullshitter...
> Who's never really been confronted with his attempts at
> bellicose and "tin-horn" verbosity!!!
> God, how I love ethnomethodology.