Re: Intro Anthro ethnography

Thomas Love (tlove@CALVIN.LINFIELD.EDU)
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 16:45:51 -0700

I use Joseph Bastien's "Mountain of the Condor" - students like the
emphasis on ritual, since I fill in with many examples from Andean
cultural ecology, local economic and political issues/contexts, etc. I
have teams of students take each of the chapters dealing with a specific
ritual in the corpus of rituals practiced by the Kollahuaya and observed
by the Bastiens. They love presenting them, some by creatively acting
them out.

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On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, LilliosK wrote:

> What ethnographies (one or two) would you recommend for an introductory
> anthropology course (undergraduates)? I'd appreciate some suggestions.
> Katina Lillios
> Department of Anthropology
> Ripon College
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