Re: Good Eating and Good Thinking

Wed, 23 Aug 1995 21:53:00 CDT

To Iain (and anyone else interested:

> Could someone supply the quotation in French?

Accents graves appear as \ following the accented vowel.

"On comprend enfin que les espe\ces naturelles no sont pas choisies parce que
<bonnes a\ manger> mais parce que bonnes a\ penser>" (Le Totemisme Aujourd'hui,
Presses Universitaire, Paris. 1965:128).

AND... credit where credit is due -- many thanks to Natalie Maynor, Professor of
English at Mississippi State University for her translation.

>>"We can understand, too, that natural species are chosen not because they are
>>*good eating* but because they are *good thinking*.
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