Applying for work in PRC, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

Barbara Ruth Campbell (campbell@I-2000.COM)
Sun, 13 Aug 1995 13:01:52 EDT

Dear Anthro-L Colleagues,

I was wondering if you any of you could offer your advice on how to apply for
work in the People's Republic of China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri
Lanka, India, New Zealand, Singapore or Australia? My fiance is a surgeon and
he doesn't think he can stomach what's going on in our hospital system much
longer and has finally let me convince him to go the the Pacific Rim or India
and let me take advantage of my dissertation research into non-Western medicine.
I found a job position offering in Jedda, Saudi Arabia but I'm not sure I can
live in seclusion. We both have wanted to go to China together for years.

Any advice, encouraging or discouraging? John's experiences in Japan haven't
been bad at all but neither of us think we can afford to live there at all.

Is there anyone on the list currently living in China? Are there any lists or
help wanted ads for surgeons who want to work in the Pacific?

I'd appreciate any correspondence, positive or negative as we're quite anxious
to start planning.



P.S. I just switched nodes. Formerly

Barbara Ruth Campbell, Ph.D.
Westfield, New Jersey 07090

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