Unity with nature

Nick Corduan (nickc@IQUEST.NET)
Fri, 11 Aug 1995 13:57:58 -0500

A bit of a discussion going on about the perceived unity of some early and/or
traditional cultures with nature, I seee.

I'm constantly surprised to find some in the dicsussion wondering if they
really did live in coexistent, harmonious unity with nature because of
activities such as hunting and/or various agricultural practices, etc...

In nature you've got your basic butterfly-types (i.e. flitting around from
flower to flower, giving and taking without harming), and then your basic
wolf-types (i.e. preying and ravaging, doing *indirect* good while doing
temporary harm).

I'm a bit baffled by the thought that for a culture to be in unity with
nature it must be a butter-fly type . . .


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