pomo meets eco again

Karina Lutz (Karina_Lutz@BROWN.EDU)
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 01:57:32 +0300

On Wed, 2 Aug 1995, Eric Arnould wrote:

> I am interested in the idea that in postmodernity some people in the
> west are rethinking their relationship to nature, and/or that the way
> in which people represent nature to themselves is undergoing a change
> away from the nature as something to be conquered or nature as
> something to be preserved, towards nature as a space outside of the
> marketplace where the self can be remade. Anyone have some ideas or
> references along these lines they would like to share? cheers, eja
See David Orr's _Ecological Literacy_. Don't have the full cite handy, but
the subtitle has something to do with postmodernity. Actually, the best
part is the introduction written by someone else (whose name I don't
recall), differentiating two strains of postmodernity, deconstructionist
and "constructionist" or some such back formation. The constructive
postmodernism is described as a positive, conscious attempt to create a
postmodern culture by drawing on the ecologically sound aspects of
premodern and modern cultures. The first few chapters by Orr are also good,
but it appears the book deadline got to him towards the end.

-Karina Lutz