Re: Needed: Update of the Declaration of Independence

Dara Barnett (daraone@CCNET.COM)
Sun, 6 Aug 1995 07:24:59 -0700

On Sun, 6 Aug 1995, Alice McCombs wrote:

> As citizens of the United States, we have a right to strive for
> life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by using any and all legitimate
> means to free ourselves of the tyranny of the multinational elite overclass.
> We need a Declaration of Independence for the 21st Century.
> We need to unite, cooperate to provide for our needs, and take ourselves off
> the multinationals' conspicuously consumptive power grid. Reduce, reuse,
> recycle, rethink, and restore need to become our collective mantras. If we
> give up our need for their goods, they can no longer control us.

> Like the people of India who followed Gandhi to gain independence from
> Britain or the people who worked for civil rights with Martin Luther King, we
> must be seen as having the moral imperative. That can only be achieved with
> legitimate, nonviolent, organized action.

> But, our cause is just and we have the moral imperative. The Creator and
> everyone in the universe who serves the Creator is on our side.
> We can win.
> Remember:
> If Earth WINS, Everybody Wins
> Alice McCombs
> August 6, 1995

I love this letter. What I see that anthropologists can do to contribute
to this betterment of society is start to mimic the 'simpler' lifestyles
of the peoples of the earth we study. And I don't mean decorate our
bodies and homes with the fashions and crafts they manufacture, but to
start to develop simpler attitudes to our lives. Lets stop being
tourists and scientists when we go live with and study these peoples.
Lets start becoming students of theirs and learn to do what they do that
gives them independence and strength by living so simply.

Dara Barnett