Uncle Cliff

Thu, 3 Aug 1995 20:28:47 EWT

Come on people, enough of the various Right Ons to and contra RJ. Lets have
some substance. At least I tried; I gave my own views on Cliff and the
Cockfight [and I could go on about the cultural dissonance at the Funeral, etc]
and because of the problems with those articles [and cliff's writing style]
for exactly the same reason I haven't felt the need to look at his stuff
I haven't looked at Bordieu, Clifford, Risaldo,etc. [Price is interesting thoughThey are used as mines for quote bytes [the print version of sound bytr4es]
es] with
but little critical analysis of the content of those bytes.
I have used Ideology as a cultural system in my Political Anthro classes, but
almost everyone come away from it dissatisfied; it degenerates into a
meaningless bit of drivel rather than analyzing the role of ideology as a
system of meanings and symbols, a powerful system at that, that can be manipulated by the participants. ......
Ok, I like CG for the quote "...[more or less] integrates system of meanings and symbols..." But my own focus is on the "less" lide rather than the "more" side.
Ah, but that's the 'net. I tried, and then someone misquoted me.....