Another Attack on Historic Preservation

Thu, 3 Aug 1995 14:01:37 -0400

Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) Under Fire Again
August 3, 1995

The following ALERT is published on the Net by ACRA based on information
provided by the NCSHPO for the Historic Preservation Community. Last week,
we thought we had squeaked through the Senate with the HPF and the Black
College Fund taking a hit of around $2 mil, the ACHP $500k, and the National
Trust of around $2.5 mil. While this was bad, it could have been much worse;
and we hoped that an amendment might come forth to increase the spending
level. However, the amendment we were waiting for has been replaced by a
major attack on the HPF, a proposed cut of $14 mil. We need your help, your
phone calls, your faxes and your e-mail to inundate the Senate Appropriations
Committee and Sens. Domenici and Inouye. Why is it that the Senate thinks
nothing of spending a billion dollars on a single plane, or a half billion
for a military project, but cannot seem to find a few million dollars for
culture? If you have not done so, read this week's Time magazine article
about Americans and culture for a good discussion of this topic. But first,
call and e-mail your senator, and get your friends and colleagues to call.

Tom Wheaton
Exec. Dir. - ACRA

The following was prepared by Kathleen Schamel, CEHP Incorporated

Yesterday, Senators Pete Domenici (New Mexico) and Daniel Inouye (Hawaii)
announced their plan to offer a floor amendment to the fiscal 1996 Interior
Appropriations bill. The amendment would increase Indian programs by $285
million at the expense of the Historic Preservation Fund and other Interior
programs. The proposed amendment would cut the HPF by $14 million, a 37%

Senate floor action on the Interior bill has not been scheduled yet, but it
can occur at any time - maybe as early as tomorrow (Friday, August 4)!
Sources report that the Senate Appropriations Committee opposes the
amendment and Senators Slade Gorton (Washington) and Robert Byrd (West
Virginia) may circulate a "Dear Colleague" letter to line up opposition to
the funding cut. We can only hope.

Action Needed: ACRA members and others concerned about preservation should
contact your Senators NOW and urge them to oppose any amendments that would
cut the HPF. Ask them to let Senators Domenici and Inouye know that they
oppose to this action. Be sure your Senators know how such a cut in the HPF
will affect preservation in their state.

The following is a list of Appropriations Members. If you Senator is on this
list, please make sure you call today.

Following are the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee:
Call (202) 224-3121

Majority (Republicans)
Mark O. Hatfield, OR, Chairman
Ted Stevens, AK
Thad Cochran, MS
Arlen Specter, PA
Pete Domenici, NM
Phil Gramm, TX
Christopher Bond, MO
Slade Gorton, WA
Mitch McConnell, KY
Connie Mack, FL
Conrad Burns, MT
Richard C. Shelby, AL
James M. Jeffords, VT
Judd Gregg, NH
Robert Bennett, UT

Minority (Democrats):
Robert C. Byrd, WV, Ranking minority member
Daniel Inouye, HI
Ernest Hollings, SC
J. Bennett Johnston, LA
Patrick Leahy, VT
David Pryor, AR
Dale Bumpers, AR
Frank Lautenberg, NJ
Tom Harkin, IA
Barbara A. Mikulski, MD
Harry Reid, NV
Bob Kerrey, NE
Herb Kohl, WI
Patty Murray, WA
Diane Feinstein, CA

The following is a list of Senate E-Mail addresses for your use, please use

AR Dale Bumpers
AR David Pryor
AZ R Kyl, Jon
AZ R McCain, John
CA D Boxer, Barbara
CO R Brown, Hank
CT D Dodd, Christopher
CT D Lieberman, Joseph
DE D Biden, Joe
GA R Coverdell, Paul
IA D Harkin, Tom
IA R Grassley, Charles
ID R Craig, Larry
ID R Kempthorne, Dirk
IL D Simon, Paul
IL D Moseley-Braun,Carol
IN R Lugar, Richard
KY D Ford, Wendell
LA D Breaux, John
LA D Johnston, J.Bennett
MA D Kennedy, Ted
MA D Kerry, John
MD D Mikulski, Barbara
MI D Levin, Carl
MN R Grams, Rod
MN D Wellstone, Paul
MO R Ashcroft, John
MT D Baucus, Max
MT R Burns, Conrad
NE D Kerrey, Bob
NH R Gregg, Judd
NH R Smith, Bob
NJ D Bradley, Bill
NM D Bingaman, Jeff
NM R Domenici, Pete
NV D Reid, Harry
OH R Dewine, Michael
OK R Nickles, Don
RI R Chafee, John
SC D Hollings, Ernest
SD D Daschle, Thomas
SD R Pressler, Larry
TN R Frist, Bill
TX R Hutchison, Kay
VA D Robb, Charles
VA R Warner, John
VT D Leahy, Patrick
VT R Jeffords, Jim
WA R Gorton, Slade
WI D Feingold, Russell
WV D Rockefeller, Jay