Ethnographies on traditional Filipinos, esp Igorots

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Wed, 2 Aug 1995 10:58:11 -0500

Earlier I posted a query on any ethnographic information people
might have on dogeating traditions, especially among Asian peoples.

Related to this, I was wondering if anyone can lead me to the
major ethnographies of traditional Filipino societies, especially
of any ethnographies of the Igorots.

What I am especially interested in is both the everyday life
routines of the Igorots and the holiday or ritual life of the
traidtional Igorot people. If such information may be incorporated
within a larger study of Filipino peoples, that would be of
interest to me as well.

I appreciate the response I have had so far. Again, you may
answer me off-list if you wish ( or
through the anthro-l list.


John Wolford
Asst. Prof., Anthropology, UM-St. Louis
Urban Anthropologist, Missouri Historical Society