Re: Ishmael?

Rosemary Gianno (rgianno@KEENE.EDU)
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 07:11:30 -0500

I would love to have a discussion about _Ishmael_. I've used it for about
two years in my cultural anthropology courses and find it a great
conversation starter. I also, though, have a lot of problems with how
Quinn uses anthropology in the book. Haven't read the Celestine Prophecy.

Rosemary Gianno

>Has anyone else read "Ishmael," by Daniel Quinn? I personally thought it was
>better written than "The Celestine Perophecy"! Always skeptical of self-annou
>nced "cult books", I still wonder it it might have use or other significance
>in the teaching of anthropology. How about an exchange of impressions?
> cpate