SAA call for papers

Fri, 26 Aug 1994 20:42:43 EDT

I am posting this message for Dr. Joyce C. White of the University of
Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology/Anthropology:

Dear colleagues:
I am soliciting papers for a symposium on "Palaeoenvironmental
research in the Indo-Pacific region" for the next meeting of the Society
for American Archaeology, May 3-7, 1995 in Minneapolis. The focus of the
symposium will be on the interaction of humans and the environment in this
region from the late Pleistocene to the mid-Holocene. Contributed papers
should have at least two components:

1) a specific question or issue concerning human relationships with
the environment (for example, the effect of settlement by agriculturalists
on vegetation diversity in the lowland subtropics of central India during
the mid-Holocene, or the impact of terminal Pleistocene biotic changes on
subsistence strategies in equatorial tropics of Borneo); a n d

2) a methodological approach and data set, such as phytoliths,
pollen, faunal remains, vegetation distributions, geomorphological
evidence, or botanical macrofossils, which provide a specific comment on
the issue addressed in the paper.

Two individuals from the Thailand Palaeoenvironmental Project have
already committed papers, Dr. Lisa Kealhofer on the significance of
phytolith evidence in sediment cores for mid-Holocene forest clearance in
Thailand, and myself on the application of ethnic landscape mapping to
understand changes in settlement strategies by rice agriculturalists in
northeast Thailand. I would like to have contributions with a broad
geographic and environmental spread to provide a context for those of us
with this research focus not only to present our research, but to meet each
other and discuss our common interests.

If you would like to present a paper in this session, please send
to me to be received by September 16, 1994:

-2 copies of Participant Information form part 1

-4 copies of Participant Information form part 2 (abstract form)

-2 copies Participant Registration form

-check for the meeting registration fee

If you know of others who would be interested in presenting papers
in this session, please feel free to pass this information on to them. I
would also appreciate preliminary expressions of interest to be passed on
to me over the summer by letter or email:
Sincerely, Joyce C. White
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology/Anthropology
33rd & Spruce Streets Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA