Apologies about bagels...

Alexandre Enkerli (alexandre.enkerli@IMM.UNIL.CH)
Tue, 23 Aug 1994 09:23:49 +0100

Ok, I haven't been careful in my statement that "Europeans don't know about
bagels" and so on. Ok ok, let's say it some other way: some people around
me here don't know about bagels and therefore (this is what I meant as
important, not knowing about bagels and being European is trivial) they
don't associate any particular value, whether cultural or social, to it.
Which means: bagels might be from any part of the globe and it doesn't
really matter as long as the cultural association to it refers to this or
that given people. Pastas are Italian even if they come from China. And
also, it had to do with "the real thing". North American/European bagels
(oh no, people from South America will tell me they've got some too or
something), at least, the one that I know of, are of a specific shape,
taste, size and so on. The thread was going about non-real bagels. that's
Also, it reminds me of a time I went to an Indian pastry shop in Montreal
with other students of a Symbolic Anthropology course and our teacher. One
of the student was from UK. She realized, buying some pastries, that those
were definitively not "the real thing" in the sense that they were not
"British Indian pastries", the one that she knew and liked...
Anyway, I really didn't mean to say that Europeans are at a lost when it
comes to bagels...

Alexandre Enkerli
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