Re: consent for on line research

Anj Petto (ajpetto@MACC.WISC.EDU)
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 12:00:36 -0600

>Different communities have different rules. ... Ideally, when you join a
>mailing list,
>there should be a welcome message detailing the community's expectations.
>Many newsgroups
> have a regularly posted set of guidelines for new members.

As Amy pointed out, even these guidelines (though agreed-upon rules by
members of a social groups) may not have either leagal or ethical clout.
This is part of a conversation that I have had with a variety of
individuals on- and off-line on a number of networks. One network
sanctions those who report without explicit permission by removing them
from the network; another follows "fair use" rules that would apply to
similar materials (lectures, seminars, correspondence, etc.).

A colleague in Carolina has taken his requests to do email research to his
university's Human Subjects Review Board (only to be laughed out); we here
in WI are awaiting what the university counsel has to say on the matter
regarding a network that is run from the primate center here.

I have asked two or three colleagues to allow me to repost their statements
on this topic to the ANTHRO-L net. If they agree, I will be the conduit
for these communications; AND with your permission, I will transmit your
original concerns and replies.

Finally, it was on this net in April (10, I think), 1994 that there was a
reposting from the AFROAM-L list regarding an Australian case of libel
brought as a result of an email posting!!!



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