Re: bagel lore

T. Kohn (Tamara.Kohn@DURHAM.AC.UK)
Fri, 19 Aug 1994 14:28:41 +0100

To GA2872 (you didn't say your name) and any others on this bagel thread:

If you haven't already seen it, S. Regelson wrote an article (1976)
called: "The Bagel: Symbol and Ritual at the Breakfast Table" in W. Arens
and S.P. Mantague (eds.), The American Dimension: Cultural Myths and
Social Realities, NY: Alfred Publishing Co. I use it in my 'Food in
Society' course.

Alexandre Enkerli suggested that Europeans don't know about bagels or
attach any cultural significance to them... Certainly this is not the
case in the UK - in the East end of London, Jewish-run 'Baigel' shops abound
which sell a slightly sweet bagel with herring, smoked salmon, tuna, cream
cheese, chopped liver etc spreads. In the orthodox Jewish community of
Gateshead (outside Newcastle), on the other hand, 'bagels' take the form
of ring-shaped raised buns - a definite disappointment for a devoted bagel
consumer who makes her own lox...

Tamara Kohn
Univ. of Durham / University College Stockton-on-Tees