Re: surviving fieldwork

Maxine Kleindienst (mkleindi@CREDIT.ERIN.UTORONTO.CA)
Sun, 14 Aug 1994 12:45:16 -0400

On Sat, 13 Aug 1994, Valerie Samson wrote:

> I have just read Nancy Howell's excellent report "Surviving Fieldwork"
> published in 1990 as number 26 in a series by the American Anthropology
> Association. Behind the mass of statistics are some truly harrowing tales.
> Thank you very much for a scholarly approach to the subject that neither
> glamorizes nor sensationalizes the very real dangers of fieldwork.
> Most ethnomusicologists also engage in fieldwork, but to my knowledge
> there is no equivalent study of their experiences. Anyone wishing to
> include ethnomusicologists in future studies of fieldwork could tap into
> a wealth of information by posting a message to the Ethnomusicology Review
> Digest at . How closely do our experiences compare?
> To what extent do they differ? Can we learn from each other?
> Valerie Samson

I would hope that everyone, especially graduate students preparing for
the field, would read Nancy Howell's monograph. We truly do have a "high
risk" profession.

>There are even some risks she didn't cover, like one of us bringing home
nasty diseases which get passed-on to others.

M.R. Kleindienst