wrong selection from neutopian teachings for kook charge

Wed, 10 Aug 1994 14:48:38 EDT

lizzy ie Doctress Neutopia (the former Elizabeth N. Hubbard) a "kook,"
specifically, her rather benign and on the whole "educational" stunts,
which I'll endorse so long as I don't have to do them myself. He cites,
for specifics, her demand for a vaginal-, rather than phallic-, shaped

Humans have signification the way cats have fleas; except that when you
scratch the signification where it itches, you make more "fleas." Only total
awareness, which is impossible, can yield symbolic continence. Consider that
every schoolchild was, and for all I know still is, made to memorize Lincoln's
Gettysburg Address, a magnificent specimen of the fictive device of Male
Historical Parturition:

"Fourscore and seven years ago, *our fathers brought forth* upon this
continent a new nation, *conceived in liberty*, and dedicated to the
proposition that all *men* are created equal." [emphases of course added]

Male proprietorship of the past is unquestioned. History itself has a
founding father, Herodotus. Eponymous ancestors and founding fathers are
generated to give the most transitory entities, like <Leri@gossip.pyramid.com>,
a history, even though everyone on Leri must have taken a Soc or Anthro course,
knows that what Leri is, is a subculture, and a subculture cannot be "founded,"
except fictively, by reason of social imperative. Which is not to criticize any
organism; someone had to be "founder-type person," since if Leri were conscious
of itself ab initio et ovo of being a subculture, it couldn't have existed in
the first place. Think of life as an involuntary participant-observation study,
too methodologically shoddy to be publishable.

Daniel A. Foss