Assistance needed in Estonia and Cambridge, England

Tue, 9 Aug 1994 17:27:53 EST

as in Cambridge, England for a personal friend.
Sue is finishing her MPhil at Cambridge and was preparing to travel to
Estonia for field work beginning in August. For reasons unknown, her personal
field contacts in Estonia have been unable to get in contact with her (either
due to communications disruptions or due to other circumstances). If anyone
in Estonia or in the Russian community in Estonia could provide assistance to
Sue as a field contact, so that she could initiate research . . . would they
please contact her immediately at Internet PO%"slm1011@PHX.CAM.AC.UK"
The second problem has to do with available housing in Cambridge, England.
Sue does not have housing through any of the colleges at Cambridge at the
present time. Her college association is New Hall . . . but, due to new
construction for the new japanese language center . . . the space she has been
assigned is not livable and workable for scholarship. Sue now needs to locate
housing in Cambridge immediately (now!), and is presently staying with friends
who have helped in a bad situation. That cannot continue . . . if anyone can
recommend immediate housing, please contact Internet PO%""
There is also a need for housing for the coming year, after returning from
fieldwork . . . if it is possible for her to do fieldwork. Would anyone who
might have housing in the Cambridge or London areas (affordable housing) please
contact Sue at the noted Internet address.
Thank you . . . and please feel free to forward this message to any other
list which you feel it would be appropriate for.

John O'Brien