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I n d i g e n o u s P e o p l e s I n f o r m a t i o n
f o r t h e O n l i n e C o m m u n i t y

Do you have a computer and modem? Do you have an Internet Account?
If so, you can access the wealth of information contained
in the Fourth World Documentation Project's
online documents archive.

The Fourth World Documentation Project was organized by the
Center For World Indigenous Studies in 1992. Its mission is
to make available to tribal governments, researchers and
organizations with an interest in the Fourth World, many of
the Center's documents and resources. The FWDP gathers
documents from nations and organizations around the world
and processes them into electronic text for distribution on
the Internet, Peace Net and other computer networks. These
documents form an electronic archive of voices from the
Fourth World.

This project has been undertaken by CWIS at its own expense
for the express purpose of disseminating the works of Fourth
World authors, researchers and governments as widely as
possible. The FWDP also archives State governments' and
international bodies' positions taken in regards to Fourth
World nations and peoples.

The FWDP archives contain over 300 documents on Fourth World
nations in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Melanesia and
the Pacific. The documents include essays, position papers,
resolutions, organizational information, treaties, UN
documents, speeches and declarations. The FWDP archives
form a vital resource for tribal officials, researchers,
activists or anyone interested in Indigenous Peoples and our
past and present struggles to regain our land and freedom.


The Quarto Mundista BBS (206) 786-9629 300-28.8 baud 8N1

ftp.halcyon.com /pub/FWDP
fir.cic.net /pub/Politics/Fourth.World

trans.csuohio.edu 1. Ftp Services
2. Ftp Gateways
3. Fourth World Documentation FTP Archives

fir.cic.net 1. Politics
2. Fourth World

marvel.loc.gov 1. Global Electronic Library (by Subject)
2. Social Sciences
3. Area Studies
4. Indigenous Peoples
5. Fourth World - Center for World
Indigenous Studies

Human Rights WWW Site:
1. Links to Other On-Line Human Rights Resources
2. The Center for World Indigenous Studies

University of Kansas History Resources
1. Regional
2. North America
3. NativeNet Information Network
4. Other Native gopher sites
5. Native American Gopher Sites
6. Fourth World Documentation Project

The FWDP archives are split into rough geographical areas to
assist locating information:

Fourth World Documentation Project file directories and information.

African Documents

North, Central and South American Documents
Resolutions and Declarations
Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Resolutions
Conference of Tribal Governments Resolutions
Navajo Nation's Navajo-Hopi Land Commission Papers
National Congress of American Indians Resolutions
Other Organization's Resolutions
Tribal Government Resolutions

Center for World Indigenous Studies Publication Catalogue & Info

European and Asian Documents

Documents that discuss general Fourth World issues or are
global in scope.

Melanesian, Polynesian and Micronesian Documents

Submissions to the Fourth World Documentation Project, as well
as questions or comments, may be sent to John Burrows at:



Center for World Indigenous Studies
P.O. Box 2574
Olympia, Washington USA
FAX 206-956-1087

John Burrows, Executive Director jburrows@halcyon.com <or>
Center For World Indigenous Studies The Quarto Mundista BBS
Finger for more info on CWIS & FWDP Fido Net 1:352/333 206/786-9629