looking for...

Julie Thomas (jthomas@SLCPL.SLCPL.LIB.UT.US)
Thu, 4 Aug 1994 20:12:29 -0600

Hi--I'm an anthro student, which is why I joined this list, but also a
Reference Librarian at the Salt Lake City Public Library. A patron here
is writing a book and is trying to find the author of an article or series
of articles in order to confirm some research. I have had little luck so
far. If anyone knows Anything about this man I would greatly appreciate a
message which I could pass on to the patron. What I know about him is this:

His name is Daniel A. Boyd and at one time--around 1986?--he was at McGill
University in Canada on a McConnnell? Fellowship at the Islamic Institute.
The article the patron has refers to eggs around the neck of Artemis
rather than numerous breasts across her torso.

ANY help on this would be great. Thanks

Julie Thomas