Anthro-l advertising policy

Hugh Jarvis (C129QP43@UBVM.BITNET)
Wed, 3 Aug 1994 22:46:58 EDT

Hi, all. We welcome all of your comments on the issue of advertising
on the Net, and anthro-l in particular. To date, the official policy
we have followed is that we, like the Net, have no policy. As long
as would be advertisers follow Net protocol, by keeping their posts
relevant to any given list, keeping size down, and not sending mass
mailings or great numbers of cross postings, they acceptable. To be
honest, I have *personally* only seen one ad campaign that I saw
objectionable. I refer to the law firm that posted on US green card
lottery help. I see no harm in posting a note that you publish a
given product, with more information available to any who inquire,
particularly if this message occurs in the context of a general
message sent to the list as part of a thread. I also see no harm in
informational ads that describe products or services which are of
general use to people in our discipline, provided they are not overly
long, and are clearly marked as such. Howver, since you guys in
essence govern list policy, let Ezra and I hear what you all feel
about this subject. Thank you.

Hugh Jarvis