Journal of World Anthropology Info

Tue, 2 Aug 1994 19:07:20 EDT

Just a plug for the Journal of World Anthropology..... :-)

*** NEWSFLASH *** Announcing the brand new electronic journal JWA - the
Journal of World Anthropology (ISSN 1075-2579). We proudly announce
that our new journal released its first issue as of April the 7th,
1994, containing a site report on the Martin Site, a repeat occupation
area on Grand Island, near Buffalo, New York. The first issue also had
a series of book and software reviews. And finally, there was an
announcement about the World Email Directory of Anthropologists (WEDA),
which is accessible at the University at Buffalo gopher server, The Journal of World Anthropology will be published
quarterly over the net to subscribers of the listserv list Subscription is free, just send the command
sub jwa first_name last_name to When
you examine a copy, you will notice that only abstracts of each article
or review are present. The whole articles are stored at the gopher to decrease the already exponentially expanding load
on bandwidth. The articles are also accessible by anonymous ftp and
through the listserver. Feel free to contact us, the editors, with your
comments, articles, or to indicate your desire to subscribe to the

Yours truly,
Hugh Jarvis Ezra Zubrow
Editor & Ops Mgr Editor-in-Chief