advertizing on the net

Tue, 2 Aug 1994 14:28:51 -0500

I personally feel that limited advertising is ok. 'For example, Mr.
Iverson was not out of line to tell people in a brief statement about his
service ONCE! If the service/product were improved or someone else asked,
then he might be expected to reply. His posting that suggested that
he was an academic suggesting a publication other than his own, when in
actual fact he was pushing is own product was the misrepresentation that
we find in much commercial advertising is not appropriate and should be
sanctioned. He should not be allowed to repeatedly plug his product
in any fashion if it has not improved and no one questions about it.
He should never be allowed to misrepresent himslef or his product in
his postings.
having done so once, he should not be allowed to use anthro-l again
in my opinion.