Program for Charting Geneology

Andrew Crawford (Andrew@EVERMORE.COM)
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 10:45:28 -0700

> If Mr. Iverson, you are *serious* about providing software which serves
>*this* academic community, you might pay attention to a query posted
>earlier in the summer, and last year on a few occassions: Anthropologists
>do ask for a program that will allow us to store geneology information,
>and print out *traditional* kinship charts (complete with triangles,
>marriage symbols etc.), one that can spread laterally as well as
>vertically. I would think a program like this would be popular both to DOS
>and Apple afficionados.

Hmmm ... what about something like Visio 2.0. It is designed to do
charts, diagrams, etc. Since the kinship diagram uses basic shapes, it
should work fine. Right? Visio is, I believe, available for both Mac and

By the way ... I have no affiliation with whatever company makes
Visio. I don't sell Visio, etc.

-Andrew Crawford