Re: An Introduction and Query

Michael John Evans (g8726246@MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA)
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 11:51:05 -0400

Heather [not mike] writing:
Mr. Iverson 'yearns to serve the academic community' [and put
himself back into this net's good graces]. While I disliked being spammed
by Mr. Iverson the first time, I don't mind him informing us when he has a
product we might find interesting and useful. However, I also think Mr.
Iverson should do what other publishers & producers do: offer the product
for REVIEW, and then deal with the PUBLIC comments, criticisms and cudos.
Rick Wilk gave his review of the packet he bought (or paid the shipping
for?): perhaps Mr. Iverson, you could provide others with the same sort
of trial packet for review, and work with those person's suggestions.
If Mr. Iverson, you are *serious* about providing software which serves
*this* academic community, you might pay attention to a query posted
earlier in the summer, and last year on a few occassions: Anthropologists
do ask for a program that will allow us to store geneology information,
and print out *traditional* kinship charts (complete with triangles,
marriage symbols etc.), one that can spread laterally as well as
vertically. I would think a program like this would be popular both to DOS
and Apple afficionados.
Finally, I would venture a small query: are we reacting somewhat
negatively to Mr. Iverson's advertizments in comparison to postings about
new books, journal articles etc. from other members of the net because we
perceive Jeff Iverson as an *outsider*, one who by virtue of his
non-kinship, not even fictive kinship, has not the right to subject us to
his 'capitalist', 'monetary' or 'self-agrandising' activities?

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