Re: intro to anthropology

Eugene A. Berkery (eberkery@NMSU.EDU)
Mon, 1 Aug 1994 23:14:29 -0600

On Sun, 31 Jul 1994, Elizabeth C Dunn wrote:

> This is the second commercial I've gotten through Anthro-L in the last
> week, and I'm starting to resent it. Is there anything we can do to get
> people to KNOCK IT OFF?

I agree it is objectionable. This type of posting will eventually
lead to commercialization of the network, government regulation, licensing
and taxation. However, rather than try to change human nature, I would
rather understand it.

I see in another post, the network is absorbing some of the US Postal
services business. Even though this will reduce the post office expenses,
it also threatens survival of bureaucracy. It will not go unnoticed, the
fundamental rule of any human organization is to grow, or die. As
anthropologists, this should be more interesting
than upsetting. The system is undergoing an inevitable evolution.

Of course we could publicize the name of the company involved in
Elizebeth's post. The offender will either be censured, or given a
promotion for initiative.

Gene Berkery